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How Tracking KPIs Can Help You Work Less Hard In Your Business


In this episode, we’ll be talking about Key Performance Indicators or KPIs in your business, why measuring them is important, and how to think about which ones you should be measuring.

Most business owners I run into are not tracking much more than revenue, expenses, and net income. What we don’t realize is that sometimes, there’s information that’s hidden, and it’s really useful.

Imagine if all of a sudden you found extra money hanging out in your business. And extra time. How would that feel?

It’s important to know what to track and how often, and to have a system for tracking. And most importantly, what decisions you’re going to make based on the information that you find. Because the real problem here is that you’re likely to be leaving opportunity in the form of money, profit and time on the table. And working harder than you need to be.

I want to teach you how to think about what you need to measure. I want to help you figure out what your own pain points are. And from there, figure out which KPIs to measure in order to help solve your pain points.

When we look at our numbers, when we start asking questions, and measure what’s working and what’s not, it becomes really clear how we can save time and not not work so hard, and make more money.

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