Are you a CPA or accountant who is
ready to invest in growing your practice?
I offer a few key services and products for exactly you.
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“That would be paradise” – $15,000
Do you dream of 25-hour workweeks with a high 6-figure salary – even during tax season?  With my 4 month, 1-on-1 private coaching program, we will change the right things in the right order, and soon you will have a highly profitable practice, and your life back. Expert guidance and my special brand of no-B$-accountability combine to increase your profitability while decreasing your workload. You’ll feel relieved, confident, and a whole lot happier. Only two spots available. Apply before March 31st to receive a $2.5K discount.

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Roadmap to Advisory Services – $5,500
Are you sick of hearing “Become a Trusted Advisor!” with no useful direction on how to actually create Advisory Services? In a single half-day intensive, we will cut through the noise to build you a complete and custom strategy so you can implement Advisory Services that suit your firm, your talents, and your existing clients. We will take the guess-work out of what services to offer, how to price them, wondering who will want them, and where to find them.  If you’re paralyzed by Advisory Services nebulosity, the Roadmap is perfect for you.

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Get Your Pricing Right – $2,500
Do you know you’re undercharging, but scared your clients will defect if you raise your rates? Get off hourly billing forever, and replace it with flat-rate, subscription, value-based pricing. Designed to get your current prices up to where they ought to be, and to get your prospects coming in at higher prices, you’ll walk away confident quoting high-margin prices for the same work you are currently giving away too cheaply, or worse, for free. 3 hrs 1-on-1, on Zoom. Prep work, a follow up meeting, and email access in between.

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Single Coaching Session – $495
Not seeing what you need in the above, but need expert advice to get you unstuck, now? Ask me anything about your business in a 1-on-1 coaching call. You will get clear answers that you can move on, right away.

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Find Your Top Clients – $250
A self-paced course to help you identify your best clients so that you can find more exactly like them, increase the value you provide, raise your rates, and get rid of the duds.

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“I was working stupid hours, and not even sure I wanted to do tax anymore. Now, I know exactly what kind of work I want to do and who I want to do it for. The packages we designed I feel really good about – I know exactly what I am selling, and I’m confident in the price. And I can see how my dream of writing a book fits into this whole picture – I was feeling defeated but now I have hope again!” 
Ellen Humphrey-Allen, CPA