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Tips For Staying Present In The Face Of Uncertainty


Today we are interrupting common narratives heard out there and wanted to provide you with a counter-narrative, to the assumption that people must be or should be anxious and stressed.

Coronavirus is spreading through our communities. We have options for how we want to be, with that reality. Options include panic, stress, avoidance, ignoring, rebelling, and my favorite: staying present. 

Here are five tips for staying present in these uncertain times:

  1. Watch out for phrases and beliefs that might not be true, like, “Coronavirus is making everyone anxious.”
  2. Minds without chaperones tend to find trouble. Give your mind a chaperone.  
  3. You can feel something twice – once when it happens and again before it happens; or you can just feel it once, the time it happens. 
  4. Fear itself does not change things. Choices and actions (or inactions!) change things. 
  5. Look where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go.

It’s normal and human to experience this in the way you experience other parts of your life. If you find value in returning to the present, the above steps may help. 

Another take is to accept the challenge this offers to up your game when it comes to keeping a handle on a mind that wants to create scenarios. 

Remember, calm waters do not a mariner make. 

If you’ve been practicing getting on top of your own thoughts, you have been issued a new challenge, to stay focused and present in the face of so much unknown. 

I too am with you in this challenge – here we are!

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