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The CPA Who Innovates, Wins

Are you stuck thinking about Advisory Services in the commonly accepted tiers of transactional, controller, vCFO?

These 3 tiers are great way to begin to think about Advisory Services for CPAs. But why these 3, and only these 3? 

Here are some other questions I ask, when it comes to CPAs transitioning to advisory: 

Why stop at vCFO? 

Why do the tiers stop at being strategic? (Helping business owners adopt smarter strategies is where it’s just starting to get good.) 

What is being missed when service stops at strategic? 

What is beyond vCFO?

It seems to me like two tiers are missing.

Why not add beyond vCFO, a service column for anticipatory? Anticipating, and not just taxes, but also in your client’s businesses. And you help your clients think through how changes, be they economic or seasonal or technological, or even social changes, how these changes that are coming down the pipeline are going to impact your client’s businesses. 

What else could be beyond vCFO? 

What about being innovative? Innovation creates significant new value that didn’t exist before. And when you innovate, for a while, you will be the only one offering that new value to your clients. Now, you might be thinking, “I am a CPA. CPA’s don’t innovate.” I beg to differ. I work with CPAs just like you.  I watch them innovating. It’s just that they don’t frame it like that to themselves. They think of it as “solving an obvious problem.” 

There are services beyond vCFO. All you have to do is listen to what your clients are, to date, unable to accomplish when it comes to money, numbers, math, and data.

And I guarantee you, you can find innovative, powerful ways to help them. 

I give you permission to anticipate and innovate. Because when you do these things, you can maximize your prices. And when you maximize your prices, you will be able to work with fewer clients. And when you can work with fewer clients, your business gets simpler. And when your business gets simpler, you don’t have to work as many hours. And when you don’t have to work as many hours, you can get your life and your health back. And you get to read Dr. Seuss books to your grandkids. And when you read Dr. Seuss books to your grandkids, you get more joy back. And goodness knows we could all use a bit more joy in 2020. 

Remember, anticipate and innovate new additions to the tiers of CPA services. 

If you have innovative ideas that you want help flushing out and piloting to your clients, I can help you do just that. The best place to start is by putting 15 minutes on my calendar at


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