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How to Let Go of Past Business Mistakes

Today, I’m talking to you about letting go of past mistakes that you’ve made in your business.

Running a business is simply a series of making mistakes, right? Until we find the things that work. And if we hold on to making mistakes we just drag them around. And it costs us time, energy and focus.

What is that mistake that you’re holding on to? What’s keeping you from letting it go?

A lot of mistakes we’re capable of simply just letting go and moving on. But we have certain mistakes that, for whatever reason, we just hold on to. And we can’t seem to find a way to put it down and move on.

What we have today are some examples of the mistakes that we hold on to and drag around, some questions you might ask yourself when you notice yourself holding on and you want to let go.

I’ll close out the episode with one of my favorite writings by Safire Rose called She Let Go.

Ladies, I would love to hear from you. What’s your biggest takeaway from this episode? Come and share on the She Thinks Big Facebook group page.


She Let Go (Poem by Safire Rose)


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