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115 Create Space for Amazing Clients By Removing Ones You’ve Outgrown

115 Create Space for Amazing Clients By Removing Ones You’ve Outgrown

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Create Space for Amazing Clients By Removing Ones You’ve Outgrown


If you have ever had to fire a client, you know how hard it can be. In the end, you know it will be better for you both (or at least, for you), but when it comes time to have the conversation or hit the Send button,  it’s easy to talk yourself out of doing it today. 

Letting go of, or getting your clients in the right service at the right price, can be difficult, but it’s necessary to maintain the health and growth of your business. 

Most CPAs have more work than they can handle.

If you’re going to maintain and grow a healthy business, creating space is a must for YOU, it’s a MUST for your best clients, and it’s an absolute necessity if you’re going to take on better business. 

This step of creating space is challenging for each of my clients who goes through it. 

But you need to be selective, you have to be more selective, so it’s time to select.

So I’ve pulled together a script for you – that you can download below – to get you started. 

Before I give you the script, let’s go over a few key points. These points will help you stay on track as you navigate the conversation. 

  • Give plenty of notice if possible. Either get your letters out now – before the 21st of December – or get them out in the first two weeks of January.
  • If you have a contract, meet the terms of the contract, or find someone who can take them over. 
  • Complete all your outstanding tasks, unless you and the client negotiate a hand-off to another CPA. 
  • I am a big fan of treating people with respect and kindness, and maintaining good relationships. So, operate in good faith to help them make a successful transition. 

In terms of the message itself, 

  1. Keep your message positive, and keep the focus on you – it’s about you, not about them.
  2. Don’t over-explain your reasons – you don’t have to elaborate.
  3. Keep your message short, simple, and to-the-point.
  4. If you’re finding a new home for a good client, recommend a colleague or two who can take over their account. Make sure you’ve spoken with those colleagues first and that they are truly happy to accept your clients.
  5. Your clients might beg you to stay. If they do, be firm. Have a plan with milestones for moving them along, while still being helpful – so that you can maintain a healthy relationship and a clear conscience.
  6. If they try to add last minute tasks, set a clear deadlines and scope that will mark completion. 


The script I’m about to share is for clients you’ve outgrown.

We’re not talking about problem clients. And by problem clients I mean the ones who are chronic late-payers, difficult to deal with, and chew up your time, THOSE, we have to handle a bit differently. 

I’ll handle that script in a future episode. 

Remember, this is for clients you have outgrown, but who aren’t bad clients. 

Finding a new home for your clients is hard. You have relationships with these folks – some, that last decades. 

Finding the right words can be tough, so hopefully this script will make it a bit easier. 

But remember that change is part of life, and that you are responsible for your life and your business only. And your best clients deserve the best of your attention. Doing this is in the best interest of your best clients. 

If anything, you owe it to your best clients to find a new home for your decent clients. 

And as long as you make good on your end of the bargain, AND do what’s right that might not necessarily be spelled out,  you will set them and you up for an amicable transition. Wish them well, they will do the same, and carry on growing your business. 


PDF: Script for clients you’ve outgrown

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