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Cashflow Forecasting, Niching, and Raising Your Rates

Today’s guest is Emily Sandberg. Emily provides cashflow and forecasting services to online coaches and course creators. 

While many accountants focus primarily on making sense of the past, Emily works with her clients to know the future of money in their business, so they can make strategic decisions with their cash. Her work has helped dozens of clients go from running a money-hungry business to a predictably profitable enterprise, by simply following her profit-centered framework. 

When she’s not running scenarios for her clients’ Facebook Ad Spends, she can be found playing pickleball or hiking in the gorgeous red rocks of southern Utah with her family. 

I wanted to have Emily on the podcast because her business model is unique in that she did not pass GO, she did not collect $200, she went directly to Advisory Services. 

Her perspective on what her clients need when it comes to money is well outside the box, and I think it will be interesting for you to hear from someone who was never tethered to traditional accounting.

So many things stuck out to me, it’s hard to pick just one. The top 3 are:

  • How niching down takes the pressure off
  • What her clients need most from her is advising and forecasting
  • That charging more is actually good for my clients.

Each of these is counter-intuitive and can be a difficult mental transition for people to make. 

If you want help establishing the value of and shifting the services you offer to increase their value, and you’re looking for the courage to raise your rates, I can help you make these changes in your accounting practice. 

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