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A Framework is Essential to CPAs Working Less and Earning More


Today we’re talking about how creating your own signature framework can be a gamechanger in your accounting practice.

A framework is your process or methodology, your approach of how you work with your clients. It’s the process you walk your clients through to get the consistent, impressive results you help them get.

A framework helps both you and your clients know how to think about things.

Most CPAs I work with have a framework. They just don’t realize it. What they tend to do is give away all kinds of advice and guidance for free, and then they get upset when their client does nothing with it. 

So how do you come up with your own framework? 

Imagine one of your clients who you know is leaking money. 

Imagine being able to have your way with that person’s business:

  • What would you do? 
  • Where would you go to look for and find money? 
  • What would you change about their business, their structure, or the way it’s run?
  • What are the opportunities for profit that are being left all over the table? 
  • What would you do that’s different from others in your field? 

When you can list out answers to those questions, you have the beginnings of a framework.

Just like a framework helps me help my clients, you having a framework helps your clients understand what order to do things in. It increases their clarity and it reduces their overwhelm. Not only will it increase clarity for them and reduce overwhelm for them, it will do the same for you. 

Most importantly, it will improve your ability to create consistent, amazing results for your clients. When you help your clients get better results, you can raise your prices. And when you can raise your prices, you can work less.


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