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The Opportunity in Your Accounts Receivable

A lot of business owners have tens of thousands of dollars hanging out in Accounts Receivable that is more than 30 days old.

Where’s the opportunity for you and your business, in these owed payments?

If your clients owe you money, it’s likely that either they don’t have enough cash to pay you, or they lack the systems to pay you on time.

Dig deeper into your clients’ business to find layers of opportunity. Find out about their challenges. 

If they don’t have enough money, is there an opportunity for you to offer them something like cash flow and budgeting and inventory and cost analysis services?

Or maybe they have the money but they don’t have the systems in place to pay you on time. Maybe they’re super inefficient and need help to streamline and to build out more efficient work systems.

What solutions could you offer that would benefit you both?

Because you can solve problems, you might be the one and only, the very person who can help your clients think about how to solve this problem that could have been a nagging at them for years.

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