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[Mindset] Is Your Current Thinking Keeping You Stuck?

I have four clients who have similar businesses. Very similar women from the same town. Yet they’re in different places in their business. Why? Because of the thoughts, beliefs, perspectives and filters that they have.

This is the power of the mind to shape what you create.

In this episode I want to dive into how your thoughts create your life.

Unintentional Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

Back in Episode 022, I talked about unintentional thoughts which inform unintentional feelings and emotions, out of which you make choices, which lead to your actions, which yield your results. And you compile your results over time and that’s how you create your life.   

Change Your Thinking

If you want to change your life and grow your business, you need to change your thoughts. If want to get to the next level, you’ve got to develop a new series of thoughts, a new perspective, and have new filters so that you can create the next level of what you want in your life. You have to change your thinking.

Think Intentional Thoughts

You have to examine your unintentional thoughts so that you don’t live your life by default. What I want for you is to be thinking intentional thoughts.

You need to be thinking intentional thoughts to generate the feelings that you want to feel, to make the choices you want to make that are going to lead to the actions and results that you want to get.

And if you’re not getting what you expect to get, then you go and create it for yourself.

This is one of the things that I do with my clients. To help them imagine the business that they want to have, the life that they want to have. Head on over to my website if you’re ready to get the clarity that you’re looking for.


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