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[Mindset] Are You Sending Mixed Signals to Money?


When was the last time you explored your relationship with money? 

Your Relationship with Money

Today’s episode is Part 1 of a multi-part series about your relationship with money.

In this episode, I’m going to talk about how you talk to the universe about money. Parts 2 and 3 will be about resenting money and unconditional love for money. Two episodes that might just blow your mind!

Sending Mixed Signals?

In today’s episode I’ll be talking about how you might be sending mixed signals to the universe when it comes to money. How the messages you send may be holding you back in your business. And what you can do to square up your signals.

There’s a problem here: By not exploring your relationship with money, by hanging out with old, unhealthy behaviors around money, if you’re not aligning your desires with your actions, you are sending mixed signals to the universe. And it is likely that you are leaving truckloads of income.

Creating A Relationship with Money

It is important to explore your money mindset. And, your relationship with money is so much more than just your money mindset.

How does one even begin to understand one’s relationship with money? How do you even go about creating a relationship with money that you want to have? What if your relationship with money were to be really clean and healthy?

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Think about the ways that you might be sending mixed signals to the universe when it comes to money. And have a look at how the messages that you are sending might be holding you back in your business. Look at what you say you want and compare that to your behaviors. And start squaring up your signals.

Ladies, I want to know: What is one thing that you are going to start or stop doing? I would love to hear from you. Come and share on the She Thinks Big Facebook group page.


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