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[Series] Lies of the Accounting Industry: #1 – Charge What You’re Worth


I’m kicking off a new series of episodes, Lies of the Accounting Industry

What I want to do in this series of episodes is bring up these mindset challenges, pieces of dogma, myths and so on, that I think are problematic and that have infiltrated the industry and the thinking. 

So let’s start with number one, charge what you are worth

The MAIN problem:

  • Your prices are (almost entirely) not about you
  • Your prices are about the buyer
  • Your prices are about the value you help the buyer create when working together

Instead, ask these questions to establish and increase value:

  • What are your objectives with this project?
  • Why use outside help, vs doing it internally?
  • Why now? – Why change accountants now? Why are cashflow forecasts important now, relative to a year ago when you did not have them?
  • Why me?

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