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How to Turn Self-Doubt into Confidence

Many of us have an undercurrent of self-doubt running inside.

Perhaps it got put in place from a lifetime of others around you doubting you, doubting themselves, or even doubting others. Perhaps it came from a series of life experiences where you thought you knew what you were doing, but then… turns out you didn’t.

No matter where it came from, self-doubt is likely to be showing up somewhere in your business. Here is how it shows up in my clients’ businesses:

  1. Paralyzed. Knowing what needs to be done, but not doing it. Just getting the basics done, but not reaching up for the next level of growth.
  2. Undercharging. Most of my clients are undercharging by significant amounts. Not just $5/hr. Often by 10-50% under what they could be charging, and what the market around them is charging. (I’m not advocating for price-gauging or ripping people off. I’m advocating for you charging what the value of your services is worth to people.
  3. (2b.) Fear of raising rates. “What if people hate me? Will I lose clients? Will they be mad? Are you sure I can do this?” All those questions lead to the fear, that keeps rates stuck where they are. 
  4. Trying to do too much. As in, if you can get everything done, and make it all happen, and get your ducks in a row and poop in a scoop, that will somehow prove that you are actually ok. It looks like trying to be super-hero-amaz-a-mom, or any other cape that gets donned. 
  5. Stuck in indecision. Can’t decide, can’t decide, can’t decide… do nothing. 
  6. Not trusting yourself… that you can handle whatever shows up. See #5, and #1 – they are interconnected.
  7. Excellent Game-Face. To cover up faltering self-esteem. Which means you hide out, limit yourself, and don’t put yourself out there… so the very people who need you cannot find you or your services. 

You can address your self-doubt, and loosen its grip. There are many ways; find 5 tools in PDF “How to Turn Self-Doubt into Confidence”.

Are you interested in the PDF related to this episode? Simply email me with an obvious subject title like, “Please email me the PDF related to episode XXX” and I will happily email it to you.

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