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How to Make Better Decisions Faster and with More Clarity


Do you have trouble making decisions quickly and with clarity? Do you get stuck spinning, thinking the same thoughts again and again with no new insights? Do grapple, overthink, and wonder if you’re missing something?

In today’s episode, I offer up a simple and easy-to-use tool for making better decisions faster and with increased clarity.

I use the analogy of Mendel (did you know he was a monk?) and his pea plants, to help illustrate how your thinking can be spread out to better see information that is hiding right in front of you.

The challenge is that, in making a decision, people tend to focus on the “fear” box of the matrix, and then fixate on it, as if that particular outcome is a highly likely occurrence – which, usually it is not. Or at least, it’s effects can be mitigated with appropriate forethought.

What they miss seeing, because they are fixated on the “fear” box, is a more legitimate concern, hiding in plain sight in another part of the quadrant, that is a much more likely scenario, and, a worse outcome.

I walk through 6 examples to illustrate how this plays out, and provide you with a blank template tool that you can easily use when faced with a decision that has you stuck.

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