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How to Get Started Adding Advisory Services

I want to talk to you today about adding advisory services. I want to share with you my perspective of what I see from the outside looking in, what I hear from other business owners, about what business owners want from their CPA. As well as from the inside, watching my clients who want to grow their income and want to get more time back, knowing that there’s this thing called advisory services that they maybe, can, and should be providing but they can’t quite get to it. And organizing all these thoughts so that at the end of this episode, you have some clarity around which steps you need to take next if including advisory services in your practice is something you want to move forward on

So here I am in the middle, hearing the CPAs in one ear, telling me just how much expertise and knowledge they have, and a desire to guide their clients in their businesses. And on the other hand, in my other ear I have these business owners who are dying for this expertise, and this guidance. And part of me wants to sit down and be like, “You guys really need to talk to each other!”

But what I see on your behalf is an opportunity to provide something to your clients that they are desperately wanting. 

If you’re ready to take some more steps forward on this advisory services topic, know that I’m doing a webinar on Wednesday, December 18th. If you want to know more, go to my website:

Upcoming Webinar: 

DECEMBER: Adding Advisory Services

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