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How Narrowing Your Niche Can Help You Grow Faster


I want to talk to you today about what I see as one of the most important or biggest levers that you can pull in your business to help you grow. And that is specializing and narrowing down who you serve

Narrowing your niche is an incredibly important thing to do to help you grow your accounting practice.

What I want to talk about is why it’s harder to be a generalist, what the benefits are of specializing and nIching down. I want to address the fears and the myths about niching down. I want to give you some examples of what it might look like to choose a specialty, what you do, and who you do it for, plus some sample messaging and where to start.

Niching down includes two things: what you do and who you do it for.

Some of the fears that I hear when I talked to my own clients and other people about niching down:

  1. What if I lose potential clients?
  2. I don’t want to have to say no or turn away other people who come to me who aren’t in my niche: afterall, I can help just about anyone!

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