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Focus Where It Matters Most

In a cluttered and attention-grabbing world, it is easy to lose track of where our focus and attention is – and needs to be. Our attention becomes fragmented and our brains cannot keep up with the minutiae. Yet, our success relies on having large chunks of time to do deep, focused work, to become an expert in what we are doing. 

In this episode I explore the idea of focus – where yours is and where it needs to be – from the more global view of what trajectory to stick to, down to the day-to-day of how to block one’s time, down to the neuron-level of how the brain operates and how to care for it so that it supports your best thinking. 

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Books mentioned:

Work Less, Make More by Jennifer Whyte

Deep Work by Cal Newport 

Brain Rules by John Medina 


Work with Geraldine Carter:

Strategy Session

1:1 Coaching



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