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Find the $50k Hiding in Plain Sight in Your Business – Part 1


When it’s your own business, it can be hard to see things objectively. Old choices that made sense a few years ago no longer make sense today, but their effects are still lingering.

In this episode I list out 10 places I look in my clients’ Profit and Losses, while I cross-reference their calendar, to find more than $200,000. Of course, most people are not leaving money on the table in all ten of these places. But it’s not uncommon for me to have clients who are leaving $75,000 on the table, every year.

Easy targets are areas around unclear or weak boundaries: friends-and-family discounts, last-minute cancellations, and scope creep.

Another place to look is pricing: many of my clients have not increased their rates in years – not just to cover inflation and cost of living increase, but to reflect their increase in value as their skills grow. Women also tend to undervalue their services by 28% compared to men who do the same work, according to a recent study by Freshbooks.

In a recent Medium article, Natalie Eckdahl, host of the Biz Chix podcast, discussed how women entrepreneurs are creating their own glass ceiling when it comes to rates – that women themselves set.

Raising your rates to reflect the value you offer, either in services or in RFPs, is the single biggest lever for finding $50K hiding in plain sight in your business.

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