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Does Money Find You Attractive?


Today I’m returning to the topic of sending mixed signals to money, resenting money and learning to love money.

First, let’s go back to Episode 34 – Are You Sending Mixed Signals To Money? 

The basic idea in that episode is that in our lives and in our businesses, a lot of us send mixed signals to money. We say we want more money, we want to make more money. And then we also find ways of communicating the exact opposite.

So we have these competing signals that we send to money. 

We develop these beliefs around money and a lot of it comes from our family of origin, and we also get other messages from society.

We want to be looking at the stories that we have around money. We need to get some insight into the ways that we might be resenting money. 

What I want for you is nothing short of a complete shift in your energy when it comes to how you relate to and how you think about money. And you get to decide what you believe about money.

And I ask you to do this work for you and for your clients. Because when you shift how you relate to money, what will the impact be to your clients?

In the work that we do, we can only help our clients go as far as we ourselves have gone. 


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