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Did Your Accounting Practice Take a COVID Detour?


If COVID has taken your accounting practice on a long, unexpected detour, it’s time to pause and ask yourself where you are relative to your goals. 

And given where you are, what is the best path to get you to your goals? 

You might tell yourself that you don’t have the time. But the truth is that if you don’t take the time now it’ll cost you far more time and far more energy in the long run to get to wherever it is you want to go.

Now’s the time to pick your head up: if you don’t pick it up now you might stay on your trajectory and finish the year way off course. Or, if you do pick your head up, but you take a little while to do it, the longer it takes to recover and the more energy it takes to get back on track.

So how do you do this? The first thing to do is to look at your calendar. And before the end of July, or if you’re listening asynchronously, before the end of the month, block half a day where you can check in with your business and assess it. 

Ask yourself:

  1. What is my income year-to-date relative to where I thought it would be?
  2. What percent of my clients does it take to create 80% of my income? 
  3. What actions am I not taking to grow my accounting practice? 
  4. What’s holding your current system in place?
  5. What would it look like if my business were easy? 
  6. If I knew I couldn’t screw up, or if my decisions wouldn’t upset anyone, what would I do? 

When you take a moment to pick your head up, to see where you are, you suddenly see where you need to be heading. Pausing your work for a day to ask yourself these questions is how you get yourself on the path to working less while making more.


Download this PDF for more questions to assess your accounting practice:

PDF 094 – Questions to assess your accounting practice

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