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Create Value for Your Clients with End-of-Year Meetings

Last week I did a training for Profit First Professionals. If you’ve read the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, you may or may not know that he has a membership group associated with a book for accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs and business coaches who want to use these tools and implement them in their own practice for their own clients. 

They asked me to come and do a training called Recapture Your Money, which is a lot of the same ideas that I talked about in my episodes Where to Find the $50,000 Hiding in Plain Sight in Your Business

They asked me to come and present six places to look to recapture money that already exists in your business. A lot of the places that I mentioned, apply across many different types of businesses. But there’s one that stands out that’s unique to CPAs, and this is the one that the attendees cited as the most useful takeaway for them. And that is proactively scheduling end-of-year meetings.

In these end-of-year meetings, remember that you’re the trusted advisor. You’re one of the few people in their life that they go to, to ask questions that they wouldn’t ask of most other people. This doesn’t mean though that you need to have all the answers, but if you can help them find their way to the right answers, to other resources, other people who may be able to help them. That sets you apart. 

So being a CPA who looks out for his or her clients by proactively scheduling end-of-year meetings is priceless. And just one more thing you can do to separate yourself from the flock. 


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