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Bonus Episode… Announcement from Geraldine

I have something to share with you. 

As my own business and coaching practice grows, it’s becoming clear to me that my sweet spot is working with CPAs to help them grow their accounting practice. 

The results that all of my clients have been getting have been fantastic. Some of them are doubling their monthly income, if not more, inside of six months. Even though I see it right there on their Profit and Losses, I still think, “Wow, that’s so awesome!” And what I love is that it changes their lives. It gives them more freedom, more sanity and more peace of mind. 

Going forward, my focus is going to be on you CPAs to help you grow your practice, grow your numbers, grow your business. So you can lead a life that you’re psyched about, which includes sanity even during tax season. 

A lot of the topics I’m going to be covering will still apply and still be valuable to you entrepreneurs. So I hope you’ll stick around as listeners. And I want to thank all of my listeners, all of you for being fans for sharing and being on this journey with me. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some upcoming topics: 

  • Understanding what your clients desperately want from you that you’re not giving them. 
  • Where to start when considering adding advisory services
  • Niching and specializing 
  • Interviews with CPAs who niched down and tripled their income in 18 months 
  • Plus tactical stuff with some experts on using SEO, Google Maps, and LinkedIn to get found by ideal clients faster. 

If you know a CPA who you think might benefit I would love if you would pass this along to them. 

And for my CPAs, in the future, What would you like from this podcast? What are your struggles? What do you want help with? How can I serve you? I really want to know so that I can be putting out content that you find valuable and are psyched to get on your phone every week. 

So the shift is on. 

Have a great couple of days and I will see you next time.

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