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Are You Building the CPA Firm You Want to Own?


Have you ever heard of a tool called the wheel of life? It’s a really simple but powerful tool to help you take stock of the most important areas of your life and visualize which ones are going best and which areas you want to devote more of your attention to, to improve. The wheel of life gives you a bird’s eye view of the different aspects of your life. 

I want to share this tool with you because I want you to have it not just for your life, but also for your business, so that you can get your life where you want it and your business where you want it.

With everything that’s been going on this year it can be really hard to focus. And when you do focus, what do you focus on?

With all of the problems that you could address, how do you know where to allocate your attention? After all your attention is limited. And just like you allocate cash for certain priorities in your business, you allocate your attention.

The problem is that sometimes we allocate our attention indiscriminately. And when your attention gets allocated indiscriminately day after day, year after year, you might inadvertently end up with a business you no longer like owning. 

The problem with that is that life is too short to own a business you don’t like owning. 

So back to the life wheel, back to the business wheel. How can these two things help you? This really simple tool will help you move in the direction of building the business you love to own that fits right inside a life you love. 

It’s a really simple tool to help you see what is actually happening in your life that often otherwise just gets lost in the day to day. 

This simple exercise can really help you understand where you need to focus in your business and where to allocate your attention. And when you know where to focus your attention, you improve the right things. And when you improve the right things, you make progress in the right direction in your business. And that is how over time you build a business that you love to own. 

Now, it would be really easy to do with the life wheel and to do the business wheel and then tuck it away in some file folder. But I want you to pin it on the wall so that you can check in with it and remind yourself where your focus most needs to be.


PDF: Life Wheel and Business Wheel

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