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The Case of the $475K Proposal: Did They Accept?

I have a story for you today about what is possible in your business.

So often the thing I hear from my clients is that one of the reasons they wanted help working together was that they knew that bigger was possible in their businesses. But they didn’t necessarily know how to get there. They knew that other CPAs were making this transition from billing by the hour to shifting into delivering high value. They knew that others were doing it, but they didn’t really know that they themselves could do it.

In telling this story I want you to know what is possible and what is potentially not that far away from you with some key changes in your business and that without any shenanigans, you can be earning two or three or four times what you’re currently making right now.

By getting away from hourly billing, if you haven’t already, by deeply understanding what your prospects and clients really want and what is worth to them, and putting together powerful proposals where you serve your clients at a high level in this way with far less effort than some of the compliance and or accounting or transactional work than you may be doing right now.


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