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You Create Work-Life Harmony

Today’s guest is Amy Vetter. Amy is the CEO of the B3 Method® Institute, a keynote speaker, corporate board member, author, and contributor to and Amy authored the book: Business, Balance & Bliss: How the B3 Method Can Transform Your Career and Life. She is the host of the Breaking Beliefs Podcast.

I wanted to have Amy on to talk about how to manage yourself and your time in your business and in your life so that you find better balance. 

My take-aways on the notifications and self-discipline is that no one can do it for you. 

Just like no one can eat for you, and no one can sleep for you, NO ONE can turn off your notifications for you and no one is going to focus for you

The other turn of phrase I appreciated was Handle Your Relationships with Care. I do see my own clients getting stuck here, especially as updating your business model often requires finding new accountants for your current clients. If you position it in your mind as doing this with grace, kindness, and care, it can make the process easier to take. 

I also want to add my own take on the phrase “I don’t want to disappoint people.” You may have noticed that this phrase got called a feeling, and I want to clarify that this is in fact a thought and not a feeling. 

This clarification is important because, in the vernacular, we say that feelings are true and real, and that’s right. However, “I don’t want to disappoint people” is a thought, and shouldn’t be taken as true because it’s accidentally believed to be a feeling when it’s not. 

The other piece of this is people will say, “You can’t please everyone” to which I say, “You can’t please anyone, it’s not in your power.” And if you have done something before and another person has been happy, remember that correlation does not imply causation. 


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