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Women Disrupting the Cannabis Industry, with co-owner of Dancing Goat Gardens, Kim Bostrom

My guest today is Kim Bostrom, of Dancing Goat Gardens and the Hope Center.

In 2014, Kim left her job in the pharmaceutical industry, ready and in need of a change.

A few years later, Kim and her husband Jay founded two companies and a non-profit all housed under one roof: To provide education, wellness, and cannabis products to those looking for alternative therapies.

You may have heard of CBD oil: it’s legal at the federal level, but up to each state to manage it.

That’s not Kim’s only challenge as a business owner: she’s in an industry that is a patchwork of sometimes clear, sometimes ambiguous, sometimes downright contradictory laws.

And, she is part of a small but growing force of women aiming to shift the old black market paradigm to one that is legitimate and operates above board.

It’s hard enough to start a business. Never mind one that has all kinds of hoops to jump through, won’t let you use traditional banking, and won’t let you market your products.

I admire Kim’s courage to lead in an industry that carries around all kinds of baggage, stereotypes, and pigeonholes, and the effort required to shift the paradigm in an industry that has operated in the shadows for so long.

I am also grateful to Kim and her husband Jay, not as a user myself, but on behalf of those who do legitimately need medical cannabis.

I want to say it’s high time, but that’s a terrible pun, that we give this plant the recognition it deserves for its medicinal properties, and get it off the black market.

Ladies, what inspired you about Kim, and the work she and Jay are doing? Know that I would love to hear from you. Come share in the She Thinks Big Facebook group.

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