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Ways to Keep Stress Under Control in Tax Season

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Today’s guest is Christine Lustik, PhD, owner of Mindfulness in Organizations. After spending 14 years in leadership and the arena of online higher education, Christine transitioned to a role of helping teams, and the individuals in them, to thrive.  Christine works with leaders and teams who find themselves in a culture of stress, disconnection, overwhelm, and chaos. And uses the practices of mindfulness and proactive resilience to change the culture to one of connection, productivity, focus, and resiliency

I wanted to talk with Christine to tap her expertise about nourishing our bodies and our mind at the time of the year when caring for ourselves might be falling off our calendar

Being able to find and maintain focus when there are lots of moving parts in front of us is a skill that requires constant attention and maintenance. The result of caring for our bodies, hearts and minds most often leads to increased effectiveness and productivity and getting the same amount of work done in less time. 

It’s like Buddha said, sit for 30 minutes daily. When busy, sit for one hour. 

My two takeaways from this episode are:

  1. Reminding myself to use “just like me,” for when I’m frustrated with someone else who is doing something that I don’t like, or being a way that I don’t like. It’s so helpful to remind myself that, oh, just like me, this person might be having a moment of frustration. It reminds me of our common humanity. 
  2. The other one is the idea of establishing relaxed and focused as the baseline. The default to return to, rather than imagining that in overdrive is the default, and relaxed and focused is something to aspire to.


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