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[Coaching] Setting Boundaries & Getting Ahead of Summer Planning


Miri Disney Faller of Back on Track Physical Therapy is a Physical Therapist who helps those with neck and low back pain, headaches and vertigo return to wellness.

Like many health and wellness practitioners, she sometimes finds it challenging to run the business side of things the way that she wants, so that the patients, the time and the finances all balance out. It gets even trickier in the summer when the usual calendar goes out the window.  

Today, we take some time to look ahead of summer and get real about putting plans into the calendar so that we can see what the implications are for various work schedule, so that she can decide what choices she has to make around how many patients she can see and when.

One challenge she faces is around turning people away who legitimately need her help, and who she can help. We talk about what is the balance she can handle and find a compromise that she can live with.

One of the pieces I hope you’ll listen for in this episode is how Miri has some reluctance to get specific. The temptation is to leave things loosey goosey. But loosey goosey often leaves the door open for negotiating with yourself at a later date, justifying choices that aren’t aligned with what you want to create in your life and dropping out on your bigger vision.

In this episode I help Miri get really clear about the summer that she’s trying to create and not let her slide where she wants to leave the crack open, all in service of enjoying both her work and her family time.

If you’re looking for Miri because you have a headache, neck, low back pain or vertigo, you can find her on

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