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Out of Compliance and into Tax-savvy Stock Option Consulting

My guest today is Minnie Lau. Minnie provides tech professionals working in late-stage start-up companies that are about to IPO, guidance on stock option vesting and selling strategies. 

These tech professionals who work at top levels inside start-ups about to IPO are going to receive stock options worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes more. 

Without guidance, not only will they get hit with a giant surprise tax bill, they will lack a strategy for how to optimize those options based on varying stock prices and other factors.

Minnie helps them understand their CHOICES. 

I wanted to have Minnie on the podcast to showcase what’s possible in the Advisory space. What she has created in terms of consulting packages is well outside the box, it’s completely different from the more common forms of Advisory services that CPAs often offer business owners. 

You will hear what it’s been like for her to transition from a compliance-heavy practice to offering high-margin consulting packages.

What stands out to me is that when it comes to transitioning your practice to high-margin work, there is no bible, no single playbook for everyone to follow. 

I am working with 9 CPAs and accountants right now on this transition, and yes,  while there are shared fundamentals, no two clients have created the same advisory services. Everyone is creating something different that uniquely suits their talents and interests, overlapped with what their clients need and value.

If you want to do high-value, impactful work that comes easily to you, and for clients you enjoy, it requires writing your own playbook. 

If you want to create and offer high-value advisory or consulting services, so you can earn more and get your life back, I offer a variety of ways to help you do just that. Check out for solutions that fit inside your time available and what you are comfortable investing. 

YOU CAN change the nature of your business and the quality of your life.  



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