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On A Mission to Transform Healthcare, with Lesley Von Eschen, PA-C and Carol Bridges, MD, co-CEOs of CostCare 

Today’s guests are Lesley Von Eschen, PA-C, and Carol Bridges, MD, co-CEOs of CostCare.


CostCare is a state-of-the-art medical office in Missoula, Montana that aims to combat the inaccessibility and high cost of health care. It provides convenient, easy access to care, transparency and affordable pricing. CostCare began as a walk-in clinic, but has since expanded into family practice, with direct primary care, occupational medicine, and wellness.

We talk about how they got started, the struggles and challenges that they have faced along the way, and their vision for transforming the way healthcare is practiced as we know it.

Direct Primary Care Business Model in Healthcare

In today’s healthcare situation, there’s no free market competition in medicine because insurance companies dictate prices. There’s a lot more money in people getting sick than people getting healthy. Find out why the doctors believe that the direct primary care business model is going to be the solution for primary care in the US.


Their vision is to have a complete outpatient center under the Direct Primary Care model, where you have primary care, integrated behavioral health, physical therapy, a pharmacy, an endoscopy unit to have colonoscopies done, and extended urgent care.

What they need to make that vision happen is to have an investor who wants to make a point, who’s interested in making a statement and proving that this can be done.

Listen to the podcast and be inspired by how these courageous ladies fight everyday to make change to bring down the cost of healthcare.

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