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Making More Time in Your Business

My guest today is Adrienne Dorison, the co-founder of Run Like Clockwork™.

Adrienne Dorison is the Co-Founder of Run Like Clockwork™ alongside her business partner, Mike Michalowicz, where she equips CEOs to design a business and team that can run itself, like clockwork. She has helped hundreds of CEOs increase their profit margins, develop the right systems, create bulletproof teams and be able to take an unplugged vacation.

Adrienne has spent the past 10+ years in the field of operational efficiency, and has since created the most simplistic approach to making your business ultra-efficient.

I wanted to interview Adrienne to go deeper into the concepts in the Clockwork and how we as  business owners can use these concepts to simplify our businesses, get more time and freedom back, while making more money. 

Thank you so much Adrienne, for coming on the podcast. 

One of the things I loved in our conversation was the repeat call to do a time audit

As part of the onboarding process for my VIP clients, I request screenshots of my clients’ Google calendars. And just the act of asking for that is illuminating for them. For most people, what I see is only meetings blocked out, but not time to proactively work on certain parts of the business. 

A common response is, I always wondered where my time went, and now I know why I don’t know where my time goes. It’s because I don’t make or decide or choose to dedicate to a certain thing. No wonder it feels like often it just evaporates or goes to whatever feels most urgent in the moment. 

So the act of reality-checking your calendar is illuminating.  And from there we can get more intentional about planning time use, an activity that pays dividends.

There is so much more to the book Run Like Clockwork, and if you haven’t already, I urge you to go out and pick up a copy. 

You can also check out the Run Like Clockwork podcast if audio is your style.

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Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself by Mike Michalowicz

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