Your existing network is a gold-mine for clients right at your fingertips. Have you tapped into it yet? 

On Episode 050 of the Epic Business Growth for CPAs Podcast, Nikki Rausch of Your Sales Maven joins me to talk about how to leverage your existing network to earn more business. 

You probably hear over and over how important your network is when you are starting or growing your business, but it can be hard to actually use the connections you have for growth. 

In this episode, Nikki shares some tips and tricks that will help you leverage your network and grow your business in no time.

Ideal Clients Are Already In Your Network

Many business owners find themselves searching all over the globe for new, ideal clients without exploring the opportunities in their own local network. The first step to identify these people in your network, you need to be able to identify your ideal client. 

If you are looking for help figuring out your ideal client, schedule some time with me. I can help you bring your skills and goals together to identify who you should be working with. 

Once you decide who your ideal client is, it’s important to make sure you are the type of person that client would hire. If you want to work with a specific type of client at a high level, you must have the credibility to help them and you must speak their language – on your website, on social media, everywhere. You need to understand what is most important to them and portray it in how you present yourself. 

Once you know who these ideal clients are and you know how to speak to them, it’ss time to use your network to find them. Nikki suggests starting by asking your biggest fans and supporters to make specific introductions to people in their network. Personal introductions help establish your credibility with the new contact because they were made by someone the contact already trusts. 

Does Asking For Help Make You Nervous?

If asking for these introductions feels scary or nerve-wracking to you, Nikki suggests first trying to connect people in your network who could benefit from knowing each other. This, she says, will help you realize that making these connections feels really great and will help you see that the ask for an introduction really isn’t terrible and can actually allow the connector to feel helpful and excited about the connection they made.

Remember that no one is able to do this alone. Everyone needs help, and opening doors for each other is a powerful part of being a business owner and leveraging your network.

Your Happy Clients Can Make Introductions

Another part of your network that you simply can not ignore while growing is your existing client base. Nikki tells listeners to pay attention to when your clients are feeling particularly excited about the work they are doing with you. 

When you find yourself with a happy client, don’t be afraid to ask them if they know anyone else who could benefit by working with you and ask them to make an introduction. Not every introduction will grow into a long-lasting client, but you never know where these connections will take you.

So Much More

In Episode 050, Nikki talks about how you can spend hours posting on social media and not get any interest, but personal introductions from your network will plant seeds that, if tended to correctly, can sprout relationships that grow into long-term clients! There is so much valuable information in this episode, so be sure to listen now

If you’re feeling frustrated with working 50+ hours per week, trading your time for money and still not making as much as you want, be sure to schedule a totally free 15-minute consultation with me. I’d love to help show you how to work less and make more