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How to Leverage Your Network to Create More Clients, with Nikki Rausch

Today’s guest is Nikki Rausch of Your Sales Maven. She’s a pro at helping people leverage their network to earn more business. 

Leverage Your Network

When I started out in my own business, I kept hearing this term bandied about: leverage your network. What does that mean? And how does one go about leveraging their network? How do I do that? 

So Nikki’s here to help demystify this leverage your network business, so that you can look at your network and see what you’re looking for inside your network and to figure out ways to connect to the people that you would really like to meet.

Networking with Intention

One of my main takeaways from this episode is the importance of going into a networking event with intention. I tend to enjoy networking events, I love meeting new people and I love talking to people and I love listening to people. And sometimes I forget that I’m there to meet new people and to expand my network. 

Your Ideal Client

Another important thing is thinking about who your ideal client is. Because it’s hard to find them anywhere if you don’t know who that person is. And it’s really hard for other people in your network to help you find people if you can’t articulate who it is that you serve.

The broader your picture of your ideal client, the harder it is for you to be intentional about  leveraging your network. The smaller your target of your ideal client, the easier it is for you to reach out into your network and ask for connections, introductions, and referrals. 

Learning how to leverage your network takes time. Leveraging your network is a long-term plan.

Listeners, I want to hear from you. What was your key takeaway from this episode? What was the most useful thing that you will take and start applying in your business this week? Come share in the She Thinks Big Facebook group.

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