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How to Help Your Clients Build A Better World


Today’s guest is officially the world’s most highly rated advisor to accountants. Steve Pipe is a best-selling author, dynamic speaker and founder of Accountants Changing the World and the AVN Association of Proactive UK Accountants.

I wanted to interview Steve to talk with him about where he sees CPAs and accountants getting stuck in growing their own businesses, as well as to talk about his current path being a force for good in the world, and inspiring and showing business owners and accountants how to do the same in their own businesses.

Two things stood out to me in this conversation:

1. The role of CPAs as Steve views it

  • Restore rationality to decision making in business 
  • Distill data: make it simple, clear, and manageable
  • Properly understand profitability models based on clear and simple data 
  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace and make your business a Force for Good. 

2. Remember the value you provide to clients. Go through your own top clients and quantify it for each client, in order to remind you of just how valuable you are. 

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The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants 

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