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How to Design vCFO Services

Today’s guest is Adam Hale, Co-Founder and COO of Summit CPA Group

Summit CPA Group is the leading provider of Virtual CFO Services in North America. 

Summit CPA offers virtual CFO, Controller, and transaction-level services remotely and at scale. And Adam works with his team to deliver the best possible vCFO services to their clients.

I wanted to have Adam on to dig into the art and science of pricing and delivery of these services, so that you can learn his hard-earned secrets so you serve your clients better and at a higher level. 

What stood out to me in this episode was the idea that they decidedly want clients in Controller and vCFO, and don’t want clients at the transaction level. 

After all, transaction is labor and time-intensive, while excellent guidance can happen in a short amount of time and add far more value to the client. 

Listeners, if you want help building Controller and vCFO level services to your practice but haven’t been able to figure out how on your own, so that you can get your practice to the next level, from 150 clients down to 15, with $60K or $100K annual engagements, I can help you make that transformation. 

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