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How Setting Up Your Ideal Week Saves You Time with Billie Anne Grigg

My guest today is Billie Anne Grigg, the Lead Technical Guide of Profit First Professionals, where she helps accountants, bookkeepers, and financial coaches learn how to leverage the Profit First brand and principles to stand out from their competitors, become more profitable, and transition to a more consultative role with their clients. She is also the founder of Pocket Protector Bookkeeping and a frequent contributor to financial and industry blogs, including Fundera Ledger and AccountingWeb.

I wanted to interview Billie Anne because she is a master at time-blocking her calendar. And what I have noticed in my interactions with her is that every time we talk, she arrives a few minutes early, is settled and prepared, and ready to get started on time. 

Managing my own time has always been a struggle for me. 

My hubs, who is really good at being on time, once said to me, in the most honest and compassionate way, “Sweetie, time management is just one of those things that most people learn to do as they become adults.”

Many of us have this challenge. So why not learn from somebody who really has it dialled in. And see what we can take from what she does and implement it in our own lives. 

When doing time blocking, we should focus on:

  1. business delivery
  2. business development
  3. personal stuff 

There were a number of take-aways that I will be thinking about for my own calendar. The main thing that time blocking helps me with is being realistic about time. Because I can operate in Wishful Thinking when it comes to how long things take in Real Reality, as opposed to  my Wishful Reality. 

And when I time block, it shows me where my thinking is flawed. 

It also helps me let go of “getting it all done”  because when I have planned my time thoughtfully in advance, then I know that I am doing the right activities. I have already thought it through, made the choices, and blocked it out. 

So when things I want to get done don’t get gotten to, like that LinkedIn article I wanted to write last week, I know it’s ok to let it go. Another opportunity will come around and I can try again.

And on behalf of my own clients, the key takeaways were around:

  1. Having a rush fee to protect your time 
  2. Having an engagement letter that clearly spells out how this relationship is going to roll 
  3. Not being open to taking calls all the time. 


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