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[Coaching] Getting Insights into Her Financials with Amanda Berlin

My guest today is Amanda Berlin, a former New York City corporate publicity strategist who now uses her powers for good. She helps her clients tell their story, write content, and raise visibility so that the people who need them can find them.

Recently Amanda invited me on her podcast to talk about getting a handle on the financials in your business. In that interview, she happened to mention offhand that she doesn’t look at her financials every month. I couldn’t let that slide. I invited her to come on my podcast to help her get the clarity she needs around her own numbers.

A Financial Planner for Your Business

In your personal finances, there are financial planners who help you figure out, based on how much you have now and how much you want to have when you retire, how much you need to set aside every year in your retirement plan in order to get to retirement with enough savings.

But in your business, chances are good that role is vacant. All that activity of your bookkeeper and your accountant is primarily for the IRS, not for you and not for your business. 

And unless you have an accountant who offers strategic advising, who can help you get from where you are now in your business to your income goals, chances are good that that role, the equivalent of a financial planner for your business, is vacant.

Do You Know Your Numbers?

I especially appreciate that Amanda was willing to be transparent about what she knew and what she didn’t know about her numbers. So many women have a knowledge gap here and are embarrassed and even ashamed that they don’t know much about their financials. I’m grateful to Amanda for simply being straight up about where she is and open to getting the help she’s looking for.

Key Takeaways

One of Amanda’s key takeaways is: If you’re not already, work with a bookkeeper and/or accountant who will get your financial statements to you monthly. And when you receive these numbers, be sure to use them.

If you want to get insights the same way Amanda did, I recommend a Lightning Strategy Session where you send me your financials in advance and I work on them so you won’t have to bang your keyboard getting frustrated with Excel. Then together, we work through your questions and you get the insights you need and get your questions answered so that you can help your business grow faster. 

Ladies, what were your key takeaways? Come share in the She Thinks Big Facebook group. I’d love to hear from you.


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