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Finding Time Where You Thought There Was None with Gretchen Carlson of Evolution through Vacation

I coach Gretchen Carlson of Evolution through Vacation on how to find 10 hours in her workweek, where she thought previously there “is no time”.

I was both surprised, and entirely not surprised, at how the hours we found were hiding in plain sight. And how finding them was the big barrier to her moving her passion project forward. And how when it came down to it, it was not just about the hours, but about the people-pleasing that was in the way, and she really needed to let go of. It’s never about the thing… it’s the fear lurking behind the thing.

After the session I went into my calendar and opted out of a recurring meeting I had been attending but wasn’t fully lined up with my top priorities.

What is in your calendar that isn’t aligned with your big dreams?
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Gretchen’s ask of the She Thinks Big community is a publishing house that can help bring her vision of “aliveness for everyone who wants it” UP and OUT into the world. If you can help her with that, reach out to her directly.

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