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Designing Systems for Great Customer Experience

Today’s guest is Claire Stewart, the Founder of Cartmill Stewart

Claire and her partner have totally dialed in their systems to run an efficient practice, including having gone paperless. 

Systems and workflows are a common pain point for accounting practice owners so I wanted to dig in. 

The highlights were:

First: Creating issues that didn’t need to be there. And that sometimes clients who “behave badly” do so because they were set up that way.  So they make themselves go back to the drawing board and make systems better from the client’s point of view. 

This tied in nicely with: Look at businesses that do customer service really well and see what elements you can replicate.

Second: Fix one thing at a time. If there’s too much, you won’t do anything.

So many accountants complain of feeling like they are chasing their tail when it comes to making improvements, and it’s because they are either trying to do too many things at once, or fixing things out of order. And yes, there is a RIGHT order to fix things in.

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