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Creating High-Quality In-Home Childcare Programs at Scale, with CEO of MyVillage, Erica Mackey


Finding Solutions to the Problem of Childcare

I love it when people see a problem and they go, “Huh, I wonder if I could fix that?”

Today’s guest, Erica Mackey, did just that. She returned to work with her six-week old only to find  that basic childcare is basically broken. But rather than shrug her shoulders in resignation, she asked herself if she could use business to address the problems in childcare.

Now, two years in, with 17 employees and 40 educators, MyVillage is a community of high-quality, in-home childcare and preschool programs in Colorado and Montana, with plans to expand nationwide.

Erica’s Vision for MyVillage

Erica’s vision for MyVillage is to see a network of incredibly talented and skilled caregivers and educators that are community leaders. And to inspire children to do the same. And create and instill that sense of confidence and the skill set to be able to act on that confidence, which means a sea of entrepreneurs, of budding educators, and of capable children who are ready to be the citizens of this country that we deserve.

What Erica Asks from the She Thinks Big Community

Erica asks that you reach out and encourage anybody you know in your network who just needs a little confidence boost to be able to take the next step forward.

If you have somebody who has touched you or your family in a way that you know that they would be incredible at providing this service to their community, reach out  and encourage them to check it out because sometimes it just takes a little nudge to get over that initial fear.

I’m just blown away by what Erica and her team are creating, in the same way that I was blown away when I first used Lyft and Square. MyVillage is taking a system that was so archaic and bringing it into the 21st century and solving dozens of problems elegantly in one fell swoop.

Thank you, Erica, for your big vision.

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