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[Coaching] Mindset Blocks Around Hiring with Dr. Sabrina Starling

Today’s guest is Dr. Sabrina Starling, the business psychologist, author of “How to Hire the Best,” and the founder of Tap the Potential

I invited Dr. Sabrina to be on the show today to talk about hiring, because I know how many of my own clients find it challenging to hire the right person. And oftentimes, they have resistance to hiring, and wait too long to make that next hire. Oftentimes, at their own detriment. And I’m aware that the resistance to hiring can often be mindset blocks. 

So many business owners struggle with similar challenges. So the thinking around this episode was to serve up some real life coaching, to bring awareness and understanding to you on some of the things that might be hiding out in your own mind that might result in shifting the choices that you’re making around hiring.

Dr. Sabrina’s Four-Week Vacation Mindset Tool

The Four-Week Vacation Mindset Tool is based on the idea that others are whole, capable, confident and complete.

  • When we think to ourselves, “I can’t take a 4-week vacation,” we ask, “How can I?”
  • Instead of “I don’t know how to set up my business to be successful with teams so that I could be gone,” we ask “Who can I learn from?”
  • Instead of “My clients will be upset that I’m gone, that they’re dealing with someone who’s not me, (or whatever our Gremlins are), we ask “How do we, as a team, continue to provide an exceptional service in a team member’s absence?” 

So we’re taking all those Gremlin beliefs that run through our heads that limit us, and we’re turning them into powerful questions.

Key Takeaways

Dr. Sabrina has no doubt given me a lot to think about and new perspectives to look through when I think about what I want for my business, and how I might grow it in a way that works for me, works for staff employees, subcontractors, and increases my impact while getting more of my time back. 

Other key takeaways for me were on shifting my perspective on:

  • believing that people are whole, competent and complete, versus I have to teach them everything
  • having to shoulder the workload 

Some questions/learnings from our conversation:

  • What am I NOT doing because I hadn’t wanted to hire? 
  • Any time that I’m doing something that’s not my gift, I’m depriving somebody of my gift.
  • How could you have a greater impact while working less?
  • What would my life be like if accolades weren’t related to my identity and my self esteem?

Listeners, I want to hear from you. What was your key takeaway from this episode? Come share in the She Thinks Big Facebook group.

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