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[Coaching] How to Attract More of the Right Clients

Today’s guest is Annette Bevers, a solo CPA based in northern California. 

I wanted to have Annette on because she has many of the classic challenges that CPAs face when they say yes to most types of work that arrive at their door. 

She has a mish-mash of clients, whose needs vary, which makes it hard to have consistent processes, which means work takes up a lot of time, leaving little to think about growing strategically. She’s bogged down in work and not using her full potential. 

What stood out to me in this episode is just how easy it is to stay caught in the tangle of questions you ask yourself when trying to break free of the traditional model. 

Fortunately, the path out is straight-forward, and it works. Interviewing top clients, shedding 20% of your client base and committing to using that time to grow, and raising your prices are 3 key pieces. 

But it’s hard to walk through this fog alone. 

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