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[Coaching] Developing Your Thought Leadership Platform with Triathlete Coach Anne Torrez

Today’s guest is Anne Torrez of Tri It Your Way Coaching. She coaches triathletes who are ready take their performance to the next level.

If you’re wondering what actual coaching is like, here is a raw, barely edited session where neither of us is giving any mind to the possibility that this might be aired.

Anne wanted help fleshing out her thoughts around a possible talk that she wanted to deliver at a conference. We explore her topic idea, about mentally strong women. Why is it important to be mentally strong, particularly as women in the sport of triathlon?

Two things I want to point out from this episode:

First is the deep desire that so many of us have to support other women on their path to peak performance and how playing small can infiltrate so many areas of our lives. I love how Anne uses the sport of triathlon as a window into our own beliefs about what we are capable of accomplishing.

Second is that our conversation and subsequent piecing together of her thought leadership came from a tangent that my intuition wanted to take her on. Too often we ignore our own inner knowing, our own intuition. So if you’re drowning out your inner knowing with brainly logic, you might be missing out on accessing a place of deeper knowledge.

What are your main takeaways from this episode? I hope you’ll share on the She Thinks Big Facebook group page.


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