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Adding Advisory Services and the Power of Niching Down with Tracy Jepson of TLJ Bookkeeping and Consulting

My guest today is Tracy Jepson, founder and owner of TLJ Bookkeeping and Consulting

Tracy started her bookkeeping practice as a side hustle in an effort to get out of debt.

Four years later, her practice now includes small business strategy, consulting and advisory services, to work in partnership with businesses to create permanent profitability. 

In this episode, Tracy talks about her journey from charging by the hour to moving to retainer, how she listened to really understand what her clients were asking her for, how that informed the addition of advisory services, and then how in time she niche down and niche down again, to make her own life easier, and watched her business grow as a result. 

Thank you so much, Tracy, for coming on the Epic Business Growth for CPAs Podcast. 

From our conversation, here are some nuggets that stick with me: 

  • Be really careful to attempt to out-earn your spending as a business strategy. Better to get your spending underneath your current earnings and grow from there. And be really careful to make sure that you have a viable business, rather than using your hard earned savings to prop up a passion project.
  • What your clients want from you is in your email. If you go back and not just read your email, but truly listen to what is inside emails from your clients, you will have everything you need to begin offering advisory services. 
  • Your clients are often less than forthcoming about what they don’t know. Do not make assumptions about what they know and what they don’t know. 

Tracy’s Vision:

I want to reach as many people as possible to help them get out of debt, connect their personal and business finances and really get them on the road to profit.

Listeners, I want to hear from you. What was your key takeaway from this episode? Come share in the She Thinks Big Facebook group.


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