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9 Keys to Thinking and Playing Bigger


If you find yourself knowing you could be playing a bigger game, but perhaps only vaguely aware of how you are thinking and playing small, this episode will help you step up and out.

Here are 9 ways we think and play small, and what it looks like to play bigger.

  1. Overcomplicating & making projects too big and too hard
  2. Endless editing and perfectionisting
  3. Omitting Your Story
  4. Uptalk, Sing-song, sounding like everything is a question
  5. Talking too fast
  6. Minimizing words, like “sorry, just” and asking permission when it’s not needed
  7. Shoulders slouching or forward, chest caving in
  8. Hiding behind hair, clothes, makeup, sunglasses
  9. Not showing up at all

Download the 9 Keys to Thinking and Playing Bigger worksheet here, so you can spot the places you are playing small and make choices for how to play bigger.

What was your takeaway from this episode? Come share in the She Thinks Big private Facebook Group.  It’s free, and it’s the best place to be if your big ideas need airtime and support to grow.


9 Keys to Thinking and Playing Bigger worksheet


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