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Tiny Business, Huge Impact with ECOBAGS Founder Sharon Rowe


Thanks Sharon, for sharing the journey of ECOBAGS – and more importantly –  for sourcing a movement of people who were just waiting for your canvas bags to come along, because they too didn’t want to be using single-use plastic bags for the their shopping.

Sharon wrote The Magic of Tiny Business to be a bridge that you can create a tiny business that meets your needs – that’s laser focused on solving a problem that’s good for you, good for your community, and good for the earth.

What we see are the great success stories and meteoric rises of companies like Uber and Amazon. You don’t have to go big to be successful. And remember, many times people have been working diligently for years – decades even – before finally figuring it out.

Also remember that it takes a lot of hard work to create something you have no alignment with. It takes the same amount of work to create something you’re in alignment with — so why not create a company that is both profitable and meets your social goals?

Sharon’s vision is an end to single-use plastic, in all its forms and uses.

One of the things that Sharon said that stopped me in my tracks was, “Notice where you’re inefficient. The equivalent of checking Facebook during the day is making a task more complicated than it needs to be.”

Question for listeners:
In what ways do you overthink, overcomplicate, and perfect in ways that waste your time?
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