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Jodi Flynn Interviews Me on Thinking and Playing Big

Today I pass the mic to Jodi Flynn of the Women Taking the Lead podcast. With this podcast I want to flesh out what it is to think and play big, so that women all around the world can step more fully into their authenticity and power.

We talk about adopting a mindset of moving your fear out of the way, or at least, befriending it; learning and practicing shifting into this space so that it becomes the default space to operate in, rather than spending most of our time pushing and dragging fear around.

My ask of the She Thinks Big community is to be willing to step forward again and again, even when you are scared. This world needs you to show up.

My vision is one where women around the world can speak and tell the truth – even if there may be reprisals. With #MeToo lifting us all, it has become abundantly clear that we can speak and be heard.

Listeners, please share your takeaways in the She Thinks Big Facebook Group. I really do want to know what stood out to you from this episode.

Connect with Jodi:


You can find her podcast on iTunes and on her website at
Here is the Women Taking the Lead Facebook Group.

Books mentioned:

The Talent Code


Work Less, Make More, by Jennifer White

Playing Big, by Tara Mohr

Work with Geraldine:

Strategy Session

1:1 Coaching


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