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How to Sell with Authenticity and Improve Your Sales Mindset with Nikki Rausch

Do you struggle with sales conversations? Do you fear coming across as pushy, aggressive, or smarmy? Do you wish sales could just. be. easier?

Nikki Rausch is Your Sales Maven, and in this episode she will tell you about the framework she has created called the Selling Staircase. This framework provides a structure for you to know where you are inside a sales conversation, which helps you know exactly what to say next.

Skip a step and you risk your clients banging their shins, or not wanting to move forward with you: Nikki explains each step of the Selling Staircase to help you understand the flow of conversations.

We also talk about sales mindset, and how there is a decent chance that a negative sales mindset is infiltrating your sales process, dragging down your revenue, and sabotaging your potential. With myself as an example, we discuss a blind spot I had that Nikki shined a light on, that resulted in buying signals floating right past me, unobserved and uncapitalized on.

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