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Fixing how you price is the single fastest change
you can make with the largest impact.

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Sound familiar?

  • I’m overwhelmed and exhausted, and not sure I want to do tax anymore
  • I’m always backed up against a deadline – I want to grow my business but I can’t find the time to do what I need
  • I keep thinking that if I add clients, I’ll make more, but all that happens is I end up working more hours
  • I want to shift to Advisory, but I have no idea where to start
  • Sometimes I lie awake at night wondering what it’s all for

Good news and bad news: your problem isn’t tax, nor is it needy clients.

The real problem is the accounting profession taught you a few things wrong.


CPAs suffer from overworking because:

  • No one taught you how to price properly, so you are either billing by the hour, which is ghastly, or flat-rating services at fees that are far too low
  • You have a “broad range of expertise,” which makes you a generalist, which prevents you from providing significant value 
  • You give away the farm by offering great advice for free, rather than packaging up your guidance and selling your expertise at a premium

It’s not your fault.



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The accounting business model is broken.

It’s true. The profession is steeped in age-old dogma, and refuses to come out from under its rock.

Plus, as an accountant, you may be conservative, like to follow rules, and avoid the risk of standing out from the crowd. Understood.

But once you know this, you can no longer blame the accounting profession. It’s time to take action.


If you have had enough…

of a dizzying array of personal, business and non-profit returns and don’t know how to reduce your workload without taking a pay cut, take my free Better Pricing Strategies for CPAs email course.


In Better Pricing Strategies for CPAs, you’ll learn:

  • Lesson 1: How hourly billing caps your revenue
  • Lesson 2: How hourly billing keeps you working longer hours
  • Lesson 3: What your other pricing methods and options are
  • Lesson 4: Which services are best for each pricing method
  • Lesson 5: How to get started while keeping your risk low

Get your time and your life back by getting your prices in the right place. 

Where should I send Lesson 1?


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“Working with Geraldine has been so great for my business: her vision for my business is so much bigger than the one I had for it. Even if I HAD been able to see the vision on my own, my own doubt would have held me back. I am so glad I took the leap to invest! It has paid off – I have 3.5x’d my take-home pay in 7 months.”

Emily Sandberg

“I can’t believe what just happened: today I signed two brand-new, game-changing clients (representing $150K in new business), after just 10 weeks of working together. I never would have had the know-how, the courage, or the wherewithal to do what I just did, without Geraldine. If that was just the start, I can’t wait to see what the next 10 weeks holds!”

Catherine Ozment, CPA



A profitable niche that fits you


A new service that separates you from your competition


Your own framework for consistent, high-margin results


Ideal clients who find you easily


Your first client at 3x your current rate in 9 weeks or less


Get my free 5-day email course:
Better Pricing Strategies for CPAs.

Fixing how you price is the single fastest change
you can make with the largest impact.

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Hi! I am Geraldine Carter, the founder of She Thinks Big Coaching. I was the CFO of a business I co-founded – one that has generated millions of dollars for sustainability efforts.

After seeing how many small businesses suffered at the hands of their too-busy CPAs (and being one of them), I became a business coach, and now I go right to the source.  I coach CPAs to stop being so busy for the masses, and start making a real difference in their select clients’ businesses, while making their own business more profitable and more sane.

In my free time, I can be found mountain biking forested trails or running after my two small children in my hometown of Ketchum, ID.

Visit my LinkedIn profile to learn more.


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