Get Your Pricing Right

Nothing works faster to increase your revenue while cutting workload.

Reduce overwhelm  •  Get Better Clients  •  Get Your Time Back 



It can be mystifying that despite working like mad, you’re not making the money you think you ought to be. You have put in the years, but it hasn’t gotten that much easier.

The news is good:

You are not charging enough. 

It’s that simple.

But you might not be convinced, so let me say it again.

You are not charging enough.

How do I know? In a thousand conversations with CPAs, even seasoned CFO Advisors, I have yet to meet one who was charging enough.

You are not. charging. enough.

But charging more isn’t only about making more money. It’s about serving your clients better. (Say… waaaaah?)

When you don’t charge enough, you need to take on more work to pay the bills. When you take on more work to pay the bills, you have less time for your clients. And when you have less time for your clients, the quality of your expertise is reduced. And when your clients receive reduced expertise, it’s bad for your clients. And when it’s bad for your clients, that’s not what they want. 

What you charge your clients isn’t just about you, and how much you want to earn.


When you charge your clients more, they earn more.


I know, I know.

“Debits and credits! Take one dollar away here and add it there!” you’re thinking.

Well, that’s not how value works. If I give you $10K and with that $10K you help me make $100K, value is created for you and for me. 

You need to learn how to create value, and you can’t do that as well when you are undercharging.


So. Where does that leave us?

You are undercharging. I can help.

If you want to raise your rates but:

  • You don’t know by how much
  • Scared clients will head for the hills
  • Don’t know what to say and how to say it
  • Your palms sweat when it comes time
  • You. Just. Can’t.

It’s ok. I have helped many clients address each of these concerns – I know how to get you to the other side.

We will get your rates in the right place, and where you will be comfortable.

When you raise your rates, you

  • Are free to let go of clients you’ve been wanting to move to a new home for a long time
  • Stop chasing cash
  • Can work (a lot) less
  • Can breathe again
  • Create time and space to be more strategic

Provided the value is there, it’s good for your clients when you charge them more.

Ok-ok fine!




We won’t bump up your prices 25% across the board. That would be too easy and… it would be ineffective. 

Together we will evaluate:

  • Your current pricing structure and the methods you use: hourly billing, flat-rate, subscription, retainer, contingency.
  • Your margins, understand what most drives profitability, and which clients drag profitability down.
  • Where the most opportunity is
  • What it is time to let go of, altogether

You will walk away with a clear understanding of where your prices need to be, you will know which pricing methods to use in which services, and you will know how to implement your pricing changes and in what order.



Important stuff:

  • 3 hrs on Zoom with prep work, a follow up meeting, and email and Voxer access in between.
  • We share a Drive Folder, so I can review progress and help you stay accountable
  • You can record our calls.
  • Our calls are confidential.
  • Price: $2,500.
  • Payment due up front in full to get started.
  • Money-back guarantee. If you do all the steps, and show up 100%, and aren’t on track to make your money back inside a month, I’ll refund you.



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